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Forensic Services

Kristina Cydzik

(949) 336-9001

Irvine, CA

ESi is an engineering and scientific consulting and forensic investigation firm comprised of consultants who are experts in their field. With state-of-the-art test facilities, labs, and equipment, ESi provides clients with access to a full range of technical capabilities including expertise in the fields of:
• Automotive standard of care
• Construction defect and delay claims
• HVAC and plumbing
• Architecture and civil engineering
• Hydrology, geotechnical engineering, and geology
• Post-wildfire damage assessment
• Mechanical engineering and materials science
• Analytical chemistry, metallurgy, and much more
ESi has over 30 years of experience solving challenging technical questions. We have regulatory expertise, industry knowledge, and claims and litigation experience. Visit the ESi website to learn more about our services and why ESi is the solution for your specific needs.

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