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Throughout my career I have attended numerous seminars, conferences and networking events that have fostered growth and better knowledge of my industry, but I also witnessed a deficit. I sought out mentors, books and other women who were achieving great things. I used my love of people and passion to help others by sharing information and mentoring. With great women surrounding me and supporting my ideas, I decided to take the leap. The Professional Females In Risk Management is the result of my passion to empower and educate other women. With knowledge and strength we can overcome, we can flourish and we can achieve great heights! This program is a way for me to share my heart and mind with each of you.

As this organization has organically grown, I have recognized the need for information, tools and networking with specialists in all areas of business and life. Each day we make decision and every decision holds a component of risk. Without the proper guidance or tools, the risk is higher and decisions more difficult. Therefore, The Pro F.I.R.M. is hosting events that provide women education on an array of topics, opportunity to create friendships, a safe space to discuss concerns women in business face and fun! Let’s not forget the special empowerment charm that is special for each event.

- Angel

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” Eleanor Roosevelt

The Claims Education Panel wishes to thank the dedicated insurance professionals and service providers who have given their valuable time and expertise in providing the insurance industry with a much needed and valuable resource.

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