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TaylorMorse Records Retrieval

Records Retrieval

Mark Taylor

(949) 707-5031

Laguna Hills, CA

Thinking clearly…, acting quickly…, following through, that’s TaylorMorse. Records retrieval is our expertise. Just as your clients hire you when they want the job done right, our clients hire us when it’s their reputation on the line. We’re not just another “copy service”. We combine state of the art technology with persistence, hard work and good old fashioned customer service. If you’re tired of receiving Affidavits of No Records while you’re looking at $1,000’s in billing records, or having your order closed due to “No Response”, call TaylorMorse. Let us be your partner and advocate. We challenge every Affidavit of No Record and we’ll chase your records until you tell us to stop. We don’t give up. We want your business and we’ll work hard to keep it. Give us a try. You’re in for a refreshing surprise.

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