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Third Party Administrators

Caryn Siebert

(714) 240-6599

Orange, CA

Based in Orange County, CA, Siebert assumes responsibility for strategic initiatives and business development in the national casualty carrier marketplace. “I’m excited about bringing my focus on quality products, excellence in customer service, mitigation of financial and reputational exposure, and pro-active risk management passion to GB’s emerging Carrier Practice,” stated Siebert. Siebert will also continue her active role in industry-facing events, organizations, and presentations. Taking the responsibility to make better decisions earlier in the life of every claim. To identify and deliver the right resources, at the right time and in the right place. And they’re backed by the best analytical and reporting tools available. Your business and your people deserve the best service and solutions around. Discover the difference we can make in Workers’ Compensation, General Liability, Auto Liability, Professional Liability, Medical Malpractice, and Property. You hire a partner to handle your claims because, in your heart, you know there’s a better way. A way of savings, yes. But also a way of delivering more to the people counting on you. That’s our way. The Gallagher Bassett way.

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